3 Years LL.B Programme
The code number and name of the paper of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th semester are as follows:

  Semester I   Semester II
1.1 Constitutional Law of India-I 2.1 Constitutional Law of India-II
1.2 Family Law-I 2.2 Family Law-II
1.3 Law of Contract 2.3 Specific Contract
1.4 Jurisprudence 2.4 Land Law of Assam
  Semester III   Semester IV
3.1 Indian Penal Code 4.1 Law of Evidence
3.2 Criminal Procedure Code 4.2 Civil Procedure Code Code & Limitation Act
3.3 Torts & Consumer Protection 4.3 Transfer of Property Act
3.4 Methods of Interpretation of Statutes 4.4 Adminstrative Law
3.5 Alternative Dispute Resolution 4.5 Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing
  Semester V   Semester VI
5.1 Labour & Industrial Law-1 6.1 Labour & Industrial Law-II
5.2 Company Law 6.2 Public International Law
5.3 Environmental Law 6.3 Insurance Law
5.4 Legal Language & RTI 6.4 Intelactual Property Rights
5.5 Professional Ethics, Bench-Bar Relation and Accountancy for Lawyers. 6.5 Moot Court & Internship

Note on the Code Numbers: The first digit indicate the semester, the next digits indicate the paper code.


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